Four Best Walking Safari Destinations in Tanzania

Great walking needs a great landscape, wildlife and proper guiding. Tanzania has it all, and is tailor-made for superb short, safari walks, extended hikes via beautiful reserves, or a few days of hiking and camping in magnificent surroundings.

Walking safaris in Tanzania are the most exciting means of experiencing a safari in East-Africa as you get very close to the wildlife without the sound of a safari van. Of course, there’s an extent of susceptibility which intensifies the sense, but this’s a good thing. How often is one called upon to utilize those senses nowadays? Everything is much more instant – from analyzing the urgent howl of a baboon, to the powerful smell left by a predator or an elephant or just enjoying the early morning aromas of the sage foliage, fresh from the 1st dew.

Best regions for Walking safaris in Tanzania:


Selous is East-Africa’s largest & oldest game reserve, and one of its most picturesque wildlife destinations. With its lakes and rivers, open vistas and green forests, Selous is quite beautiful for a walking safari. The splendor of the reserve is harmonized by the quality of safaris available here; walking safaris, boating safaris and fly camping flatter typical game driving in provinces with loads of wildlife action. This is an unbelievably great safari park and deserves a visit.

Mahale Mountains:

Admired by a lot of travelers as Africa’s best destination, Mahale is certainly one of those once-in- a-lifetime provinces. Expanding along the coast of Lake Tanganyika, the Mahale National Park is the habitat to families of Chimpanzees that offer the globe’s greatest chimpanzee viewing. The rest of the woodland is packed with a range of beautiful bird life, alongside many other forest dwelling creatures. In fact, this destination is like nowhere else.

Ruaha National Park:

Placed to the west of the Selous Game Reserve, Ruaha National Park is the ideal foil to the Selous, with its bare grassland & baobab forests. While it mayn’t provide as extensive a spread of varying climes, it’s still an extremely delightful park to walk.


If the Ruaha is untrammeled and Selous is isolated; Katavi is prehistoric. Not many people travel here. It’s isolated not because of its lack of game, but for the costly flying expenditures concerned in getting there. However, this is one of the most isolated provinces of Africa that hosts massive buffalo herds, huge lion prides and a density of hippo, crocodiles and elephants that make Katavi a gem of park.

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