Our weekly top offer: Kenya is calling you

Do you desire adventurous holidays, you know, the kind that dreams are made of? If you feel as though your life is not yet complete and you yearn for a holiday that you’ll never forget then Kenya is calling you. Endless aspects entice tourists every year to this exotic location filled with enchantment, passion and alluring beauty.

It really doesn’t matter what time of year you want to take your holidays as Kenya is the perfect destination all year round. The days are long and sunny so you can skip winter this year. The days are never too hot but they are warm and inviting. Basking in the comfort of the warmth and enjoying life no longer seems too far away. March through June is the rainy season but the rains come and go quickly while staying at a delightful temperature.

The stunning vistas are but one reason that this holiday will land on the top of your list of favorites. No matter where you look whether it is the endless Indian Ocean that sparkles in a brilliant turquoise shade, or the lush fertile tropical setting on the miles of white sandy beaches, a sense of serenity and splendor fill your sense. There are several ways to enjoy the scenery on Kenya holidays such as air or boat tours and of course the traditional hiking or guided excursions.

What are Kenya holidays without safaris? This pastime has become a world renowned favorite for decades and it only continues to grow in popularity. Safaris are unique in Kenya because the vast array of wild life that is span across the territory. It is the only place on Earth with such a diverse list of animals in one location. Within the safety of your guide and the vehicle, tourists can discover an untamed exquisiteness and marvel in awe.

The wealth of activities will definitely keep the motivated tourists busy on their Kenya holidays. So if just lounging on the beaches or relaxing at a local bar or restaurant isn’t your style and you wish to have something a little faster paced then you’ll love the various sports available to you. From traditional sports like tennis and volleyball to 39 challenging golf courses, you can find something to fit your needs. Don’t forget the diving and boating adventures in some of the most beautiful waters in the world!

Flamingo Beach Resort is an affordable treasure for all who visit Kenya. The immense tropical gardens that are spread over acres on this land are amazing. Looking up you can see the monkeys swinging from tree to tree and as you look toward the see the colorful coral reefs are alive with gorgeous fish of all shapes, sizes and colors.

The Leopard Beach Resort is a fine location which is perfect for taking advantage of all Kenya holidays offer to guests. Not only is the landscape awe inspiring but the turquoise water of the ocean that surrounds this resort is vibrantly brilliant. This facility offers a fantastic selection of perks to enhance Kenya holidays for its patrons such as: glass bottom boat excursions, wind surfing, kayaking and so much more.

The Diani Reef Beach resort is an all-out treat. It has 6 bars, a gym, swimming pools , a fresh water lagoon, 18 hole golf, amazing restaurants specializing in many different cuisines and so much more to offer. It is child friendly and can also be ideal if you are looking for that romantic escape. They have everything you could ask for and more in this resort.

No matter what you desire your Kenya holidays to be, you can find it all here at your finger tips. With a little imagination and an adventurous passion you’ll have the time of your life in this supreme destination.

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