A winter paradise – exotic and luxurious locations

Are you planning to holiday in exotic and luxurious locations? Have you been dreaming about an African escapade? African safari holidays can make your trip enjoyable and memorable. The African safari holidays offer safari trips to many South African countries, including Kenya, Tanzania, Botswana and South Africa.

The African safari holidays are provided by our travel group. They offer expert travel consultants who are well-versed about most of these places and can provide useful information about the travel and stay. They obtain feedback from tourists and visitors and make modifications in their offerings to benefit the tourists. They offer 24X7 phone services and have a call center designated for answering phone calls from tourists.

The African safari holidays offer honeymoon or wedding gift list services. If one wants to celebrate their honeymoon in Africa, they can make bookings for the African safari after which they send the gift list cards that can be sent with wedding invites. The contributions can be used towards any extra charges or towards the dues payable at the African safari holidays.

The picturesque locations, comfortable stay, luxurious ambience and excellent multinational cuisine are sure to make one’s stay memorable. African safari holidays are offer unforgettable experiences of lots of new places, cultural locations, wildlife sanctuaries, rivers, beaches, camp stays, exquisite cuisine and much more to make one’s trip wonderful.

Kenya safari offers a number of the most popular locations in Kenya and world famous game reserves and lodges. Some of the must see locations are thorn tree safari, samburu safari, Masai safari, Kenyan royal safari, cheetah safari and kili safari.

In Kenya one gets to see lions, leopards, elephants, buffaloes, zebras, wildebeests and rhinos in their natural habitat. The dry winter months from May to August are the best time for game-viewing. Whether it is staying in exclusive camps or luxurious lodges, Kenya’s natural habitat and its splendor is sure to delight any tourist. Meru national park, samburu and Shaba national park, Ashnil Camp and the country’s finest reserves are some of Kenya’s sight-seeing places.

Some of the famous Tanzania safaris are eighth wonders safari, Tanzania tapestry, Tanzania royal, southern explorer, elewana and Sopa Serengeti. African safari holidays with Tanzania safari offer the best lodges and camps in Serengeti and Ngoro crater. This place is best known for wildlife viewing in the entire Africa. Tanzania is also called as an animal paradise. The Tanzania safaris offer luxury beach stays and game reserves as well.

Another deal with African safari holidays is the South African safari. This safari includes excellent places like Eastern Cape, Mauritius and Zanzibar. The South African landscape is picturesque. The people, history and culture are sure to make any visitor experience a new vista in South Africa. One can choose safari lodges for stay. The luxurious lodges and traditional culture is a great example of the harmonious blending of the old and new.

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