The fun behind Wildbeest Migration

Early entrance of the migration in the Maasai Mara wakes the motorist guides too as excitement in tourists. Our visitors who visited the Mara last weekend had a pleasant surprise when they encountered the first inflow of the wildebeest, gnus and zebras coming in from the sand river – crossing the river in hundreds, and they had their picnic in the sounding of their excitement. A minute they are going to never neglect – an instant to cherish what they have been desiring, a second of truth between you and the faces of the wildlife. A story to tell long after your visit.

Every year the plains of the Mara equally in Kenya and Serengeti in Tanzania encounter and exit or inflow of migration of animals who are in investigation for food. The breathtaking incidence occurs in Kenya as from Jul. – to October of every year is progressively raising the quantity of foreign visitors coming into Kenya.

The amazing grass lands of the Savannah are actually lazing with a lot of meals – somehow perhaps not great because the cats conceal in the grass specially after a certain time. It is necessary to stick with the guided timings as this guarantees that you get maximum visibility of the creatures provided for you by your guide or tour operator. Early morning and eventide are regularly though the best time to see the wild life, yet ever even other occasions it is possible to drive in the plains appear at other site and other small species like the gamma lizard – found here with its astounding colors of blue and reddish – found only in the tropical climates. For environmentalist this is the chance to air your views and need a stop to human encroachment into the plains of Mara, this will improve human together with the continuous protection of the wildlife.

A visit to the Maasai villages and having a discussion with the indigenous Masai people- will expose you to the culture and way of life in this distinctive community, one of the many African cultures that are still whole.

That is time nicely spent and often times you may pay some small quantities of between Ksh 1000 – Ksh 3000 (depending on season) to enter the hamlet or so usually called ‘ manyatta ‘.

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