Bird Watching & Photography

Bird Watching

Bird watching has quickly become one of the most popular hobbies in the World. What at one time was just a backyard interest has now grown into extensive bird watching vacations. When looking for a bird watching vacation, you can choose from one as simple as a weekend getaway or you can elect to go on one as long as a 14-day extravaganza full of rare and interesting birds to watch.

There are more than 1000 different species of birds in the United States alone, all of which are unique in their own way. Each species of bird has their own call pattern, sound, shape, and even a different beak. As a bird watcher, you may only have about a half a second to identify a bird by seeing how it moves through the trees, or by the shape of its wings. For the amateur bird watcher, it can be frustrating out there alone, not knowing what to look for, or what type of bird you have found. That is why a bird watching vacation can be quite an adventure for you, as well as a time for you to learn a hobby that you may soon fall in love with. Usually bird watching vacations are guided tours with a large group of people who enjoy helping others discover the love of bird watching.


Bird Photography

So you’re starting your journey into bird photography. Starting your photographic journey requires that you be prepared to take the right pictures, print them and more. One thing that bird photographers like to do is to create canvas prints or a photo book of their favourite shots. With the right shot and using the right tools, you can display a beautiful set of pictures for personal enjoyment or for others.

To begin, you will need the right equipment. If you want a clear picture from your shots, you should go for a digital SLR camera. You can always start with a pocket sized camera to get things going and for practice but the whole focus about bird photography is to capture the small details. Consult Africa Today Holidays to get more quality footage.