Cultural Tours

Unique and fun vacations now include cultural tours. These uniquely designed and organized tours offer some of the most unusual vacations available around the world. Tourists are visitors to the community and are welcomed with open arms to enjoy the best of the community including attractions such as tours and fun activities designed for visitors.

Cultural tours are different; they invite tourists to become a part of the community. The visitor is able to step beyond the facade created for the visitor and they are invited to partake in the intimacy and daily life of the community. The vacationer steps beyond tourism and into the very culture of the community.
These vacations are designed for the active, adventuresome vacationers.

Although Zanzibar is recognized internationally as a land of romance, the archipelago is also a premier cultural safari destination in East Africa. Cultural safaris to Zanzibar cover important areas around this island including the streets of the old stone town, the house of wonders, peoples palace, Dr Livingstones house and the Arab fort among others.

Zanzibar culture has been largely influenced by the many traders and invaders who came to the Island in the course of its history. The Omani Arabs, the English, and the Portuguese are some of the communities that have influenced the culture in Zanzibar. Some festivities in the Island – such as Mwaka Kogwa (celebration of the Persian new year), Sauti za busara, and the Zanzibar international film festival – portray this mixed cultural heritage.